Effective Debt Restructuring for Government & Public Sector Employees

NCR Approved. NCRCP No. 8048.

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About Edubond

Edubond Pty Ltd is a NCR approved company that is focused on providing government employees with structured, affordable and immediate debt relief as well as financial education and hope for a better future.

Edubond provides a unique debt restructuring program for government employees.

Edubond can reduce existing monthly commitments by as much as 40% of what you are currently paying and can also work for clients in debt review.

The Edubond program provides you with:

Financial freedom

  • Instantly reducing your debt.
  • A reduced interest rate.
  • 1 single payment point.
  • A monthly cash rewards program (Edvance)

Healthier personal & family relationships

  • New financial stability, creating greater self-worth
  • Renewed purpose and confidence
  • New hope for the future

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